This website showcases a small sampling of the design, illustration, and marketing work making up the career of Donna Riggs, a highly skilled professional with experience in:

Traditional and Computer - Generated Illustration

Graphic Design, Copywriting, and Marketing Creative

Website Architecture and Design

Career Overview

Donna Riggs is an accomplished Graphic Designer and Illustrator with Writing and Creative Marketing Skills.

Donna received many design awards from the Hearst Corporation while working as an editorial artist, computer artist, page designer, and feature illustrator for the Houston Chronicle.  Her popular, innovative work graced the covers of the 5th largest newspaper in the country and landed her a feature spot in Cosmopolitan Magazine’s story on, “Women in Journalism”.

Her skills made her the chosen designer for the cover of the Society of Professional Journalism’s National Conference Magazine and the Society of Interior Designer’s call for entries, and later she was featured in the industry’s magazine, called Presstime, for her innovative work.

Donna’s career in Marketing, started as an Art Director for a wholesale company with a 400 dealer network covering three states. She created a new position of Director of Marketing there and produced all collateral materials, wrote all TV and radio commercials, and created in store point-of-purchase displays supporting a branding campaign that included direct mail, cooperative advertising, and dealer incentives.  Those campaigns produced record sales for the company by increasing the products and sales from yearly to three times a year.

She also developed new marketing strategies for an outdated, failing masonry product line by unifying the design, creating a new logo, do-it-yourself illustrations, and created sales aids.  That work landed the company’s products in a major home building supply chain.

As an Account Manager for Arthur Andersen’s TTE division, Donna worked daily with their marketing team developing concepts, writing and editing copy, coordinating direct mail campaigns, and producing presentations for Arthur Andersen’s upper management. 

As a Director of Marketing for an international Car Rental Franchise, she developed creative and copy for collateral for franchise sales, travel agent     and consumer markets, which included steering cooperative advertising programs for vendors and franchisees. She wrote and produced the company’s newsletters, assisted with website design and navigation, and created presentations for national and international meetings.

Always a clothing designer, Donna created and marketed her own clothing line of clothing called, Oh Donna! and sold the line to Home Shopping Network. The project included patterning, sample production, sales, and supervision of the production in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

She eventually opened a boutique where she produced and marketed her custom designs. Donna designed Misses sportswear as an independent contractor from her Bradenton Studio.

Donna founded Saturday Night Out, Inc., a not for profit organization. As a well known artist, clothing designer, and marketing professional in Manatee County, she wrote the produced an annual venue (with hundreds of volunteers) where she designed and built costumes and sets, and used her experience in marketing and advertising to promote the events for 11 years. Founder and Producer of

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